3 November 2018 • Latest Launch

Stylish 510 minicat a perfect match for a Minn Kota

It’s becoming a popular trend with fishers – the use of electric trolling motors on trailer craft to either silently stalk fish in the shallows, or ‘anchor’ over hot spots.

This recent launching of a Kingfisher 510 minicat shows how seamlessly a Minn Kota fits on the boat and how the generous decking created by the centre console layout offers excellent fishing space all around. Add to that the stability of the minicat and its sea handling efficiency, and it would be difficut to find a more suitable craft for inshore fishers. This craft is powered by a Honda BF90 utboard and has a Raymarine Axiom 3D chartplotter/sounder. Highly specced, its price $74,000 on trailer.

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